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Rapid Recall

Do you dream about being able to let your dog off the lead and feel confident he/she will recall reliably to you when you call?  How often does that dream become a nightmare when your dog goes deaf and does exactly as it pleases ,leaving you frustrated and embarrassed and dreading the next walk?  Have you tried lots of strategies but none of them seem to work for very long?  Are you tired of feeling like a nagging fun stopper when it comes to walks?  What if you could make your dog WANT to come back to you, rather than see it as a chore?


Our Rapid Recall formula program and its 5 steps will help you truly understand why your dog might struggle to come back to you and how to use the very things that distract them in your recall training.  

I bet you're wondering how much this little gem costs and what you get for your money. Well the cost is £550.00, which can be paid in installments, and it comes with a whole raft of features:

Rapid Recall Offering.JPG

Do you want to find out more about our Online Training Academy?  Well here's a sneaky peek ....

Rapid Recall - Online Learning portal - Website Screenshots.JPG

Does it sound like the kind of thing you are looking for?  Before you decide, take a look at what some of our previous customers have said;

Rapid Recall reference 1.JPG
Rapid Recall reference 2.JPG

Why not make today the day you take control of the situation and take the first step towards making the change that both you and your dog need.  Get in touch today to find out more

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